Online Business Marketing Ideas for 2021

You are probably so busy with managing your day to day business operations and coordinating with your fellow contractors and sales team that marketing ideas and planning are oftentimes pushed aside for another day, week and then becomes a year!. Sounds familiar?

Even if you’re starting from zero you can always get the right tools, guidance, and marketing ideas you need to get your roofing business to grow.

We’ll help walk you through some of the basics and give you tips you need to get started with a few marketing initiatives to help you acquire more clients.

1. Email Marketing On Autopilot

How many times do you check your email per day? That’s right, it’s hard to admit but we’re doing that pretty often.

Email marketing opens a set of doors for your potential clients to walk right through. You can connect by providing useful tips, discounts, and trends. To get started:


  1. Try to collect email addresses from your client lists.
  2. Provide a small discount or a free guide to get people to sign up for your email list.
  3. Schedule at least one monthly newsletter.

2. Optimize Your Website for Lead Conversions

Ever heard of SEO? It may sound like rocket science but SEO is the marketing term to describe the things needed to help Google and other search engines to locate your website when people look you up.

Your website should be super easy to navigate, fast to load, and optimized for mobile phones..

Additionally when building out your website make sure to incorporate SEO for local searches.

Your website must be optimized for maximum conversions, meaning tactically add call to action buttons all throughout your website and throughout your content.

3. Paid Advertisement The Correct Way

If your budget permits, consider creating ads online. Many clients discover potential roofing companies by searching up queries like, “roofers near me” – speaking of local searches “near me” is a query that is used often.

Folks who search these terms are super likely to become customers. Google Ads and Facebook are places to start. To get the most for your buck out of paid advertising, make sure you target specific interest terms and demographics.

4. Manage Your Online Reviews Effectively

It’s super frustrating when a client goes online just to post a negative review about your roofing business, especially when you are trying super hard to provide the best service you can. But people do care about reviews. That’s why it’s important for a roofing business to know how to respond to these online.

People want exceptional customer service and communication with you and you can demonstrate your service by professionally replying to every review to ensure clients are satisfied online.

5. Be active on Facebook & Other Social Channels

Hey, you probably have a lot of photos of before and after pictures of the amazing roofs you’ve completed. Don’t shy away and leave them on your phone to give yourself a pat on the back. Showcase them! Upload photos of your work to showcase how much potential clients can benefit from your work.

Also, your roofing social media posts shouldn’t be on a personal social media page. Y
our business should claim a Facebook Business page, you’ll need this one if you’re going to run paid advertisements in the future.

All This Sounds Complicated?

We’re here for you! Book a FREE Strategy Call Today and we’ll transform your online presence to gain better leads, more roofing installation and repair jobs, and a significant boost to your marketing investment.


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