4 Marketing Secrets Every Auto Repair Shop Must Know

Marketing your vehicle mechanic company shouldn’t be an afterthought, whether you’re just started or an established auto mechanic. Fortunately, auto repair marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be powerful and profit generating.

We have laid out 4 marketing secrets that will help you propel your auto repair business to new highs. What’s also good about these effective secrets is that they require little or no money to start.

Claim Your Online Business

If you don’t have your business claimed on Google, you should definitely consider doing so.
Claiming your business on Google is free and allows you to showcase your auto repair business for others to find. You can also add your phone number, website and an address.

Then, Google’s algorithm will display your information in a Google search when a potential client searches for your auto repair business or shop. It’s that amazing?

Create a Facebook Group

Almost everyone has an account and posts on Facebook. Although Facebook business pages can be difficult to manage as Facebook’s algorithm can make it tough for non paid posts to get noticed.

Nevertheless, it’s still preferable to have a page available. You may want to invest more effort on a Facebook group for your business. Being a company owner you can establish yourself as an authority in the group by providing its members with helpful content and answering their questions.

Make a Fast Mobile Friendly Website

This is a no brainer. In the digital age having a website is a must. Additionally, having a mobile friendly website is on top of the list. When you create your business website, you should optimize it for the desktop and mobile devices. The website should be easy to navigate and optimized for conversions. You don’t want to turn potential clients away because of an unfriendly and slow website.

Market Your Auto Repair Shop/Business in a Way That’s Different

Only marketing an auto repair shop as a simple business won’t ring a bell to any of the potential clients. You need to bring a fresh new angle to your marketing efforts. Make it stand out to your audience how your company is different and why people should choose you over others.

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