4 Tips for Roofers On How To Respond to Negative Reviews

Say goodbye to the days of irritating letter writers and let’s say hello to the negative online reviewers. Whether you’ve surged right into the digital world or you deal with it occasionally, the reality is that negative online reviews can turn prospective customers away, and truly means a lot to a business’ reputation.

If you are like me, when shopping online, I read a lot of reviews online to determine my final decision on whether I should buy a product or now, the same goes for services.

Let’s jump into a couple of tips on how you can tackle this annoying problem.

Be Open to Acknowledge the Complaint

Respond to the review as direct as you can by posting a professionally crafted reply that demonstrates you’re actually listening. This can go as simple as: I’m sorry our work didn’t meet your expectations, we will reach out within the next couple of days to talk about your concerns. This way the discussion is shifted from a public eye into a more private one and it shows people reading the review that you’re responsive to their feedback.

Stay Professional

While most roofing customers are amazing folks who just want what is best for their homes, not every customer is a golden bar. Doesn’t matter how rude or unreasonable a customer’s business review seems, always and we mean always maintain a professional tone of voice online. Remember, in most cases, online reviews and how you respond to them may become a permanent part of your roofing brand’s presence online

Make Sure Your Employees Understand What’s at Stake

How your employees interact with customers is super important. It doesn’t even matter whether the employee is the assistant answering phone calls or the roofer climbing up the roofs. Make sure that workers – even those who have no interaction with homeowners frequently understand that customers can and most definitely will post negative events online. Excellent service and care must be a company-wide priority!

Ask Happy Customers for Feedback

Balance out the negative with the positive, right?

Make a habit of asking satisfied customers for unbiased feedback about your roofing business. Don’t let bad reviews take over your company’s online presence.

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